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There are two reasons this page is here. One, to show my admiration for the game, and two, to display information about my IN PBeM that I am currently running. Alright, there is another reason, I lied. That reason being the IRC channel I run. This page will be divided up into two main parts which may eventually get their own pages, but I wouldn't bet on it.

#innomine, The IRC Channel

I run the In Nomine IRC channel on Efnet. The channel is, appropriately titled, #innomine. There really isn't any rules to the channel other than common courtesy, and, if you're a regular, thats often waved as well. :) We most often discuss the game, but occasionally a little spontaneous free form role playing happens when you'd least expect it. Stop in and visit sometime.

Recently we have been playing online a lot more. We have started up a round robin type game on IRC as of late. Stardrake was the first to GM, followed by me, Grim88, and Lekk. I will have some information on our characters up sometime. They are....interesting, for the most part.

Channel Regulars and Ops.


TwIn Nomine, The PBeM

My game, which follows canon as close as I dare is set in Seattle WA, and the greater Washington area. Entitled TwIn Nomine, the game will have tie-in's with theTelevision show 'Twin Peaks', but already I've said enough, because my players don't know that yet. At least they didnt' before reading this. The players include:

Friendly NPC's in the campaign include: MORE TO COME.
Here are some Alternate Superior write-ups I have done for an alternate campaign thats been mulling through my mind.
If you wish to go to my home page, then by all means, please do so.

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